About Our School-Based Health Centers

About Our Centers

Honor Community Health has eleven school-based health center sites, all designed to provide comprehensive health care for children and adolescents ages 5-21. Our health centers are conveniently located inside the schools where we provide access to essential care and services in each school community. We provide both primary medical and behavioral health care services at our Pontiac High, Pontiac Middle, Waterford Durant High, Avondale High and Children’s Village locations. We provide behavioral health services at our Owen Elementary, Whitman Elementary, Mason Middle, Rochester Hart Middle, Rochester High and Ferndale High School locations.

For locations providing both medical and behavioral health services, each center is staffed with a medical provider, behavioral health clinician and medical assistant. We offer a variety of services, including physicals, immunizations, sick visits, mental health counseling, educational classes and confidential testing for pregnancy and infections/treatments.

Our school health centers have friendly and compassionate providers, all of whom are devoted to working with children and adolescents. Our centers are also open to non-students, with the exception of our location at Children’s Village.

Honor Community Health Centers are non-discriminatory health centers. Payment is based on each student’s income, making our health care services affordable. No youth is refused care at the Health Center due to household income, insurance or legal status. Assistance in applying for Medicaid is also provided to uninsured families.

Benefits of School-Based Health Centers

Research has shown that school-based health centers go above and beyond providing health care services to students, often leading to academic success in the classroom. Studies have shown schools with health centers lead to improved outcomes such as:

  • Increases student performance and graduation
  • Improves mental health
  • Improves school performance
  • Succeeds in preventing conditions such as obesity, asthma, and diabetes
  • Reduces hospitalization and emergency room care usage

Empowerment Zones

Honor Community Health has partnered with four school districts to create a social and emotional health centers for schools. Services provided at Empowerment Zones include:

  • Social and emotional health workshops
  • Behavioral screening and assessment
  • Individual and group counseling
  • And student support groups

The EZ is a great place to get encouragement and support if you’re feeling sad or angry, having trouble with friends, or having a hard time concentrating. The EZ is staffed by a licensed behavioral health professional and supported by Honor Community Health’s child and adolescent health team.

Our Services

Our School-Based Health Centers offer many primary and preventive health care services for youth between the ages of 5 to 21.

Health Care Services

Medical care for illness & injury
Well child care including school & sports physicals
Immunizations / Vaccinations
Lab tests (pregnancy, immunity titers, TB test
Co-management of Chronic Illness: Asthma and Diabetes management & control
Dental Care Services
Health education and health promotion
Health insurance enrollment services

Confidential Services

Substance abuse prevention and intervention
Individual, family and group counseling
Free HIV/STI testing and counseling
Pregnancy testing
Mental Health assessment, counseling and referrals

Education and Outreach

Nutrition/Healthy eating
Physical activity & fitness
Tobacco and substance abuse prevention
Prevention Programs: Safe Dates, Why Try, Girls Only, Power Breathing, and much more
Healthy Relationship/Dating Violence, Anti-bullying, and many more mental health topics


What are your hours?

Our hours vary for each health center. You can look up the hours for each here:

Where are you located?

Honor’s School Health Centers are located in 4 distinct locations on the campuses of each of these schools: Waterford Durant High School, Pontiac High School, Pontiac Middle School, and Children’s Village.

Who do you serve?

Our Pontiac and Waterford centers serve anyone ages 5 through 21 and their children who reside in the Pontiac or Waterford School Districts.

Our Children’s Village center provides services for youth in the juvenile justice system.

What services do you provide?

Click here for a full list of services. If you have a question, contact us at 248-724-7600

Do you take insurance?

As with all Honor Community Health centers, our school health centers take all insurance types, including Medicaid. We even serve patients without insurance. However, we encourage all of our patients to enroll in health insurance. We can even help you enroll!

Do your centers provide contraceptives?

No, Michigan law prohibits the distribution of contraceptives on school grounds.

Parents & Guardians

Getting health care for your child can be challenging. Many doctors only offer appointments during the school day, and their offices might be far from school. To see the doctor, your child might have to miss school and you might have to leave work — which isn’t always an option.

School-based health centers make going to the doctor as simple as walking down the hall.

Staffed by health care workers like nurses and doctors, school-based health centers provide a range of services to meet kids’ and teens’ health care needs. Services can include check-ups, lab tests, prescriptions, counseling, and regular visits for problems like asthma and diabetes.

How Do Health Centers Keep Parents Informed?

Keeping you in the loop about your child’s health is a top priority. You might be invited to participate in your child’s appointments via phone, email, or computer — or even in person, if your schedule allows. Between appointments, centers follow up with parents and guardians in a range of ways, such as written letters, phone calls, notes on secure websites, or even home visits.

Our centers only provide care to children with parents’ written permission. You will have the option to sign a permission form at the beginning of each school year saying that your child can get treatment at the school-based health center. Or you can give your consent on a visit-by-visit basis.


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Our School Health Centers

Waterford Durant School Health Center
501 N. Cass Lake Rd. , Rm 213, Waterford, MI 48328

Pontiac High School Health Center
1051 Arlene Ave. , Pontiac, MI 48340

Pontiac Middle School Health Center
1275 N. Perry St., Pontiac, MI 48340

Children’s Village School Health Center
1200 N. Telegraph, Pontiac, MI 48342

Ferndale High School Empowerment Zone
881 Pinecrest Dr, Ferndale, MI 48220

Mason Middle School Empowerment Zone
3835 W Walton Blvd, Waterford Twp, MI 48329

Avondale High School Empowerment Zone
2800 Waukegan Street, Auburn Hills, MI 48309

Owen Elementary School Empowerment Zone
1700 Baldwin Ave, Pontiac, MI 48340

Rochester High School Empowerment Zone
1361 Walton Blvd, Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Walt Whitman Elementary School Empowerment Zone
125 W. Montcalm St, Pontiac, MI 48342

Hart Middle School Empowerment Zone
6500 Sheldon Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48306


(248) 724-7600