Why did we change our name to Honor Community Health?

Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network (OIHN) is now Honor Community Health!

We chose “Honor” because we feel it embodies the way that we treat our patients, and how we want our patients to treat their own health. We hope to honor our patient’s health as we support them in being well, both mentally and physically.

Honor Community Health is on a mission to make a lasting difference in the lives of our patients and their families–and that mission is driven by an extraordinary group of health professionals. Our team is deeply immersed in the Oakland Country neighborhoods in which we work, building relationships and strengthening communities, doing the hard work that needs to be done to make area residents healthier and happier.

We are deeply involved with our patients as a true counselor. Our team understands that, regardless of demographics or personal background, all patients want to feel safe, to feel heard, and to feel empowered.

And, our new name more accurately reflects that we have grown and changed. Oakland County is still our primary focus, but Honor Community Health provides more healthcare services and serves patients from more communities than it did when we were founded.

Honor Community Health includes a new logo.
What does the logo represent?

We chose the symbol of a tree because it represents the growth and strength we hope to see with all our patients. It also represents a sense of connection to all things – family, community, and life itself. All our services such as primary care, dental care, mental health etc., are integrated and connected like the branches of the tree.