Behavioral Health Services in Oakland County

At Honor Community Health, we provide comprehensive mental and behavioral health services. Professionals in behavioral health assist when habits, actions, stress, worry or emotional concerns interfere with a patient’s daily life and/or overall health.

Depressions Treatment Info can help you reduce symptoms common to various medical conditions – including anxiety, obesity, diabetes, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, high blood pressure and more – or help you better understand and cope with them. Read Dan’s story to find out how our Behavioral Health Consultants changed his life.

Behavioral health services offered through Honor Community Health include:

  • Assessment

  • Preventative Screening and Education

  • Referrals to Services

  • Brief Individual and Family Therapy

  • Telehealth

  • Care Coordination with Primary Care as well as
    community providers

  • Preventative Screening and Education

  • Referrals to Services

  • Brief Individual and Family Therapy

Substance Abuse Treatment in Oakland County

If you or a loved one is in need of drug or alcohol abuse treatment and rehabilitation, Honor Community Health can help.

We offer a variety of substance abuse treatment services – from initial screening and assessment to counseling, detoxification and more – tailored to help individuals in Oakland County manage and recover from all types of addiction.

Services include:
• Medication Assisted Treatment
• Referrals for outpatient substance use treatment

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Ajeé Witherspoon, LLMSW
Behavioral Health Clinician
Lori Preston, LPC
Behavioral Health Clinician
Danielle Redilla, LLMSW
Behavioral Health Clinician
Christina Root, LLMSW
Behavioral Health Clinician
Letricia Clark, NP
Psychiatry & Substance Use
Maria Summerford, MS. LLP
Behavioral Health Clinician
Odeta Muhametaj, LMSW
Behavioral Health Clinician
Megan Montgomery, LMSW
Behavioral Health Clinician
Paul Ulewicz, LMSW
Behavioral Health Clinician
Jung Nichols, LMSW
Behavioral Health Clinician
Scott Niewinski, PsyD
Behavioral Health Clinician