Getting to Know your School Health Centers

Honor Community Health provides convenient medical and mental health services to students in Oakland County through our school-based health centers. Located at Pontiac High, Pontiac Middle, Waterford Mott High, and Children’s Village, these health centers serve adolescents ages 5-21. Each center is staffed with a nurse practitioner, behavioral health consultant, and medical assistant. Services offered include physicals, immunizations, sick visits, mental health counseling, educational classes, and confidential testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Why use a School-Based Health Center:

  • Convenient: located on your child’s school campus so there is no need to take work off to get to get them to a doctor’s appointment.
  • Youth-friendly: Our clinicians are specially trained to work with youth – they offer a welcoming, teen friendly environment which encourages openness.
  • Full-Service: we offer all the same services your child would receive at a regular doctor’s visit such as immunizations, check-ups, chronic illness and injury treatment.
  • Affordable: No child is turned away due to their health insurance type or ability to pay for medical care.

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School Health Center Success Stories

It was always good. I go there at least once a week. They always know how to help you. Once 5th hour comes, I get hungry and dizzy. They will give me a granola bar. Or if I’m having a bad day and I need to rant to them about something that’s going on, they will take time to talk. They will give me emotional support.

Student, Waterford Durant


It’s fantastic – We can rely on them to mental awareness and supporting our students while they are here and having outside influences that we don’t have control over so they can learn. It’s a huge impact.

We have had students that need mental support to testing that they worry about they can’t learn unless they get that answer.

Tylise Ivey, Teacher at Waterford Durant