Honor Staff Completes Community Health Worker Training

Featured from left to right: Guadalupea Garcia, Yahaira Colon, Rita Golden, Jennifer Yang, and Gaohli Moua.

Honor Community Health is now better equipped to address needs our our patients thanks to a comprehensive training undergone by 5 staff members.

This spring, Honor Community Health Care Management & Resource Specialists completed an intensive Community Health Worker training program.  The program is designed to train front-line health workers to provide culturally responsive services. The program included attending classes, completing home-work assignments and projects, performing windshield surveys of the communities that we serve, field experience, and conducting presentations.

The training lasted over 126 hours and concluded with a certification from The Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance (MiCHWA).

The Care Management & Resource Specialists are now better equipped to assess patients for Social Determinants in Health needs and have an expanded knowledge of resources available in the community to meet those needs.