Honor Community Health is committed to help vaccinate our community against COVID-19.

As COVID-19 continues to create changes within our operations, we want to keep all of our patients and community as informed as possible regarding any updates and new information that should be provided. If you have any questions, please use our contact form, chat feature, or email vaccinate@kg9.6cf.myftpupload.com to reach out. Additional information can be found on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/HonorCommunityHealth.

COVID Testing

Honor Community Health has COVID-19 testing available to all patients and community members. COVID-19 testing is available through rapid (immediate results) or PCR testing. PCR testing may take up to three days to receive results but is the most accurate form of testing currently available. If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please contact Honor Community Health to schedule a test, 248-724-7600.

Honor Community Health has begun offering QuickVue at home tests, as supplies are available.

QuickVue At-Home OTC COVID-19 Test User instructions:

CDC’s current isolation/quarantine guidelines

If you have questions or concerns related to the at-home, please contact Honor Community Health through one of the following options:

COVID-19 Testing kits are also available through the federal government and delivered right to your home. To order your free testing kits please visit: http://www.COVIDtests.gov. Kits will be shipped to your home, 7-14 days from the time of order. Additional details can be found at the link above.

COVID Vaccines

As a reminder, vaccines are available to everyone, regardless of immigration or insurance status. Call us at 248-724-7600 to schedule an appointment for your COVID vaccination or visit our walk-in hours listed below:

Vaccine Clinic Walk-In Hours

You are able to walk into any of our Honor locations, with the exception of our Joslyn Smile Dental Center and Empowerment zones, and receive a COVID vaccine. Please visit our locations pages to see hours of operations and addresses for each site. 

Boosters and Third Doses

To determine if you qualify for a third dose or booster, please reference the graphic below or take our quick quiz to find out what we would recommend: COVID Vaccine Eligibility Quiz. If you have any questions on your eligibility, please use our contact form, chat feature, or email vaccinate@kg9.6cf.myftpupload.com to reach out.




For more information about the Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer vaccine please click the links below.

Moderna Vaccine Packet

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Packet

Pfizer Vaccine Packet